Macadamia Oil Cream Color

Change - is a permanent hair colorant that lasts up for weeks and leaves hair looking and feeling nourished and vibrant.

Macadamia oil magic

Our formula is a mixture between macadamia oil and pure color pigments that allows freedom for color molecules to penetrate deep and absorb into the internal hair shaft. This allows for amazing coverage while promoting shine and natural dimension.

Fascinating results

The high absorbency provided by the macadamia oil allows long lasting effects. Not only does the oil optimize color results, it also helps restore hair by replenishing lost emollients, moisturizing individual strands and combating the damaging effect of the coloring process.

Choose your tone

Change offers you a vast color palette. It provides unlimited options for creative minds in all color applications, color accents, highlights and lowlights. It leaves the hair with incredible shine and superb condition. Shades range from natural tones to dazzling reds and shimmering blondes.

Special feature

During colouring the micro-bonds within the hair fibrils can break, Change protects and reinforces the micro-bonds for less hair breakage.

Like a kid’s game

No need for complicated application tools or help from friends. Our hair color formula spreads quickly and easily, covers every strand of hair perfectly, so you are assured of shiny, natural-looking color results.

Why choose Change?

- For visibly improved hair quality
- Instantly detangled and deeply nourished hair
- Extra long-lasting color intensity
- It gives you protected and strong hair


- Simple to mix and easy to apply
- Does not stain the scalp
- Infused with macadamia oil
- Change gives full grey coverage

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  • Protects the hair01
  • Permanent formula02
  • Long-lasting color results03
  • Infused with macadamia oil 04
  • Vibrant and natural-looking color 05

Price: € 32.00

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